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Hallowed - Cynthia Hand 3.5 StarsMy emotions! D:I think it could have been such a great sequel, I loved Unearthly, but this was too much of pain, grief, talking...I love the relationship between Clara and Tucker, I'm sticking to it from the very beginning, even when everything was about that boy in the fire. This second part was like putting my heart in a roller coaster, with Christian, Meg, even Jeffrey. SPOILER:So, it was no surprise when I found out about Michael, somehow I knew it. But it was kind of annoying that now Clara was this super blood-angel. She was better than Angela after all, with a powerful father and his dream boy trying to kiss her ¬¬ even when she had Tucker, the perfect guy and all.I was expecting some kind of war between bad angels and the blood-angels, but nothing happened :/ That was boring, too much grief and finally no confrontation between Sam and the whole angel community.I liked to find out there were more of them, the church camping was a nice touch, but I was expecting some kind of training, where we could learn about their powers, what they could do, who was in charge, their purpose...I loved Christian in the first book, even when I was (am) in love with Tucker, but now I find him unbearable. Me: Dude, she has a boyfriend. ¬¬ Destiny or not, you need to respect that.In the end, this book was about relationships, growing up, purpose, destiny, choices. I think Clara'll have to make up her mind about Tucker or Christian, if this is a matter of choices or destiny.When it comes to find love and be happy I will say this is a matter of choices.