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The Iron Daughter - Julie Kagawa 2.5 Stars I remember really liking the first book. Even saying that Meghan wasn't the annoying heroine type. I don't know what happened here.This is me every 15 seconds:I even added a new shelf because of this MAJOR eyes-rolling along the whole reading.My main problem: Meghan. Here's the thing: they love each other but they can't be toghether. She doesn't care. Ash tries to protect her at Mab's court showing no affection for her, she doesn't care. He almost kill his brother for her. Thank's God he was a traitor! She asks him to kiss her, he owes her at least that... Puke follows her like a little puppy, she doesn't care. She HATE him because he's trying to protect her, how dare him? Meghan is a selfish, exasperating, emotionally immature and unrealistic character. But this is not Meghan's fault. She can't help it. The author puts her in this ridiculous, forced situations every few chapters. I said it in the first book, but I don't get the relationship between Ash and Meghan. It feels more like obsession than pure love (?)But also: Puck's sarcasm, Ash's suicidal behaviour. I must admit that Ironhorse is the only character that I really loved. He reminded me of Buruu in [b:Stormdancer|10852343|Stormdancer (The Lotus War, #1)|Jay Kristoff||15767096]. Thank you, very much, Mrs Kagawa.One more thing:Winter Prom...Lamest excuse to make the heroine wear a pretty dress.