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Darkfever: About Barrons and other enigmas

Darkfever (Fever #1) - Karen Marie Moning

I  blame all of you for the high expectations I had for this book. I'm not sure why but I'm between three and four stars. 

Let me tell you one thing: Darkfever kick asses. It is indeed an awesome series, I can feel it. I'm excited about this flawless world-building. I'm even more excited about the Jericho/Mac relationship. I'm so intrigued about Mac's sister murderer and it's obvious we know nothing about what really happened. I can tell there's so much more to find out and Karen Marie Moning is one of those rare authors that won't give you a stupid, whinny MC or a douchebag for a love interest.

Now, why the hesitation? It's because of all the hype. I mean, I though Jericho was synonymous of sexy times, a steamy relationship or a forbidden love. In the end, they're building a dangerous relationship. The tension was there, Jericho's hotness and maleness was there but nothing calm the needs I had for something a little more explicit, if you know what I mean. I know, I'm always complaining about how easily UF's girls loose their pants but what do women want, right? I didn't feel that attracted to Jericho. Yeah, he was hot and I love how rude he was with her (that says so much about my loving life...) but I wasn't swooning for him. Something inside me says: NOT YET... I'm listening.

Coming back to the awesomeness: 50% of the book and still Mac was trying to be logical about this new paranormal world. Can you believe it? Not a TSTL Mary Sue, though at first I didn't like her, Mac proved to be a great character and her evolution was incredible. What's this sorcery? a story where things actually make sense? yeah. She lost her sister and you can tell she's not over it and she won't till she avenge her sister. Not for a moment, not even when V'lane was near, she forgot the emptiness and injustice of her sister's death.

I also love the POV. Mac tells the story a year ahead from and adult, mature POV. She knows exactly what went wrong before us and that made this so addictive."Why would she say that? What's she not telling me? Why would she regret that decision later?" I'm telling you, it only took me a few pages to feel excited about it and I've already started reading the second book.