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Bloodfever: About Barrons and other needs

Bloodfever (Fever #2) - Karen Marie Moning

4 *freaking solid* stars

It's our action that defines us. What we choose. What we resist. What we're willing to die for. 

I think I could describe Bloodfever as intense, fearless, brilliant, addictive, unputdownable and even then you wouldn't know how awesome this book is. 

The writing is addictive. Karen Marie Moning is a genius. The plot is there, I know it is, there must be... but here's the crazy thing: I have no fucking idea what the hell is going on and I don't feel betrayed at all, actually I'm so into this. I mean, she managed to capture my attention from chapter one and I just couldn't stop reading it. The best part? I'm satisfied. No complains about the lack of answers at all. The characters are incredibly complex and their development is amazing. Mac, once spoiled and annoying, is a total badass, funny, witty, flawed, resolved and so realistic I had to check twice if this was indeed UF material. Barrons is everything I want you'd ever wanted in a man if you liked incredibly strong, frustratingly enigmatic, impossible and dominating men. God, I do have issues... 

And this:

"Yes, I have loved, Ms. Lane, and although it‘s none of your business, I have lost. Many things. And no, I am not like any other player in this game and I will never be like V‘lane, and I get a hard-on a great deal more often than occasionally." He leaned fully against me and I gasped. 
"Sometimes it‘s over a spoiled little girl, not a woman at all.” 

Yes, the emotional and intense Jericho's moment when I just knew there's no hope for me. I'm fascinated by Fever. 

“The wisest man is the silent one. Examine his actions. Judge him by them.” 

Oh, I'm judging you, Barrons... and I have some crazy theories about what you are, you sexy son of a bitch.