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Dreamfever: About Barrons and other Hungers

Dreamfever - Karen Marie Moning


Forgive me, father, for I have sin. 
Thinking of Barrons. 
Several times. 
A day.



How awesome this writer is? (Sorry, GR. I'm gonna talk about an author...) She's incredibly bold and I don't know... sadist? The enjoyable moments in this series are few, all I do is suffer and squeeze my head trying to predict what will happen next. I don't want to start the next book because I don't want this to end, ever. 

The first chapters of this book where un fucking believable and even if I didn't think right to enjoy them (she had been through a lot) it felt so right. Well, Barrons singing and dancing was a christmas present, GUYS... he was laughing, please, just kill me already.

“You're leaving me, Rainbow Girl.” 

You said it. You can not take this back, Barrons. 

I got answers but more questions. Dani was so cool, Mac was incredibly awesome and a revolutionary. The women in this book, guys... thank you, Mrs Moning. The final chapters... I never though we were gonna see the other worlds and stuff. And the cliffhanger. It was him...