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Throne of Glass

The Assassin and the Princess - Sarah J. Maas

Well, I don't know what happened. I loved it in the beginning, I felt bored in the middle and I was totally annoyed at the end. I'd like to think I'm an expert in YA books, but I'm not. So here I go trying to explain why this book didn't work for me:


If you know me a little, you know I LOVE strong, witty, bad-ass female characters. You can tell because I dance every time a Rose, Katniss, Aria or Penryn appeared in my booky life. But I can't cope with the too-perfect element. She was good at everything! after more than a year of cruelty and torture it was pretty amazing how fast she recovered. Beside, the first thing we know about her is that even in a life or death situation, our girl can tell how hot a guy is. Impressive.



The King is so messed up, he creates a tournament of criminals, rebel solders and psychos for the title of King's Champion, aka Hitman. The Prince finds his competitor, an assassin in order to win it and fix some daddy issues. In his first scene I already knew how annoying the Prince was going to be for me. According to myself, for a love triangle to work out I need at least one attractive rival in this messy relationship. At first I though Chaol was the kind of guy who would make me swoon, but then this happened:


"I'm the Captain of the Guard, I'm not exactly a catch for any of them" "Are you mad? You're better than everyone in here. And you're -you're very handsome," she said, taking his hand in her free one. "You think so? he said after a moment, looking at their clasped hands."


And I can't tell you how much of a turn down is an insecure man for me. I mean, you can be Channing Tatum for all I know, but your insecurities about how pretty you are will be the end of it for us.



Actually, to be fair, one of the little things I liked about Cealena is how much she struggled between the need to keep a low profile during the whole competition and her need to prove herself better than Cain, who was receiving all the praise. That was the rare honest moments when I enjoyed her.


A great thing about this book was the world building, the different cultures and the fantasy element, it was pretty cool. I would have love to learn more about that instead of read about how awesome EVERYBODY said Caelena was, including herself.


The writing was okay, not impressive imo. The book was maybe too long, I've read exiting 500 pages high fantasy without complaining. It amused me how different both Chaol and the Prince (can you tell I don't remember his name and I'm too lazy to go and look it up?) saw her. For the Prince she was beautiful and innocent but for Chaol she was not only beautiful but a wild animal and "her markings of power were everywhere".


Be perfect Chaol, for me!!


Well, what I'm trying to say is this is not bad at all, but the too perfect heroine, the two love rivals and my lack of connection with the story made it a meh reading. There's a lot of hype about the second installment. I may read it when I won't feel annoyed by the characters anymore.

Dengeki Daisy, Vol. 4 (Dengeki Daisy, #4)

Dengeki Daisy, Vol. 4 - Kyousuke Motomi

*Breast are Evil*


I loved Teru's brother. He was as crazy as Teru ^^

Dengeki Daisy, Vol. 3 (Dengeki Daisy, #3)

Dengeki Daisy, Vol. 3 - Kyousuke Motomi

Master, go shopping for me, please. *navel*


This girl is hilarious.

The Book Thief - Markus Zusak I have hated the words andI have loved them,and I hope I have made them right. Beautifully written, heartbreaking and definitely inspiring. * This is not a review * In years to come, he would be a giver of bread, not a stealer—proof again of the contradictory human being. So much good, so much evil. Just add water Ever since I've heard or read about WW2, all I could think about was the evil germans, the evil nazis, the evil Hitler. That'll show you how little I knew. The Book Thief was an honest defense for those whose story hadn't been told. An ode to life, a story of family, love, death and fate.In a little town in Munich, people cried and lost. Moms mourned their sons, families were afraid and little girls hid jews in their basement. Yet, life was beautiful, they brighten up for a plate of cookies and Jessie Owens run the race of his life. Rosa's "Saumensch" actually said I love you with a big and generous heart and Hans' selfless soul always gave it all. Life smiled upon him, even death saluted him as a friend. What is death if not a punishment, right? We're scared of it. We try to escape from it. But for some people, death was a relief, salvation, rest. I realized I'm not afraid of death, I'm afraid of dying. Alone, incomplete, unhappy. One night a community rested together. They found relief as one, connected by their sorrow, poverty, hunger, children, uncertainty, books and a thief, a beautiful girl too precious for that merciless world. If Hansi was the accordion, Liesnen was the melody. She saw the world differently, she wanted to protect it and the people in it. She loved and healed wounds. She inspired death itself.This book is mainly about the power of the words. You can love them or hate them but we can't deny their power. Men rise and fall because of them. Like Max, you can be strengthen by them. I loved this book. I felt inspired and alive while I was reading it. I was grateful for everything I have, the people around me, my own Hansi, my lovely Rosa, even a Rudy who saves me everyday. Death can take things away from you, but life can bring something back, something you didn't even expected. And when they come back, we hug, cry and fall to the floor.

Dengeki Daisy, Vol. 2 (Dengeki Daisy, #2)

Dengeki Daisy, Vol. 2 - Kyousuke Motomi Even funnier than the first volume. I love how this two torture each other.
Electric Daisy, Vol. 1 - Kyousuke Motomi I have no idea how to rate this. I've never read manga before and I was recommended to read this first.To be honest, I was not sure about Dengeki Daisy. Everything felt a little silly, cliché. The fact that Teru is alone in the world and nobody thought about taking her in to foster care? Nevermind, I kinda know there's like a whole different world and rules when it comes to this genre.About the story, it felt good. Kurosaki is a goddamn hot bad boy and Teru is the funny and silly heroine but a little bad ass as well. They're both so cute together. I can't stand Daisy though, his mails are so depressing LOL. I loved the graphics, btw. I don't know if that's important here, but don't care.I think I'm giving it 3 stars and will come back later after a few more readings to be fair. And after hardcore research on wikipedia, I found out that shoji is the YA of manga (correct me if I'm wrong)
Prodigy - Marie Lu As the second installment of the Legend series, Prodigy was better than Legend. As its predecessor, it was action-packed, easy to read and a page-turner. And just like its predecessor, I had just one little tiny issue: why were they so god damn young? Every time something incredible awesome happened, I just kept thinking how on earth it was even possible for a fifteen year old kid to "perch on top of the open door like a cat".However, one of the best things of this book was the realistic approach to the day after the victory. In the first book we saw them skillful, clever and bad asses. But now, they're alone, hurt and on the running. They only have each other but the thing is, just a month ago they were completely strangers. So, they need to figure out what's next. Not only between them but about their survival as well. She is alone, he needs to find his brother. Is June willing to follow the Republic's most wanted fugitive? Is Day willing to accept the help of the Republic's prodigy? It was interesting to see both of them struggling with their own insecurities. Day being self-conscious about his origins and June not sure about her own loyalties. This I can understand. Their insecurities, they're both very young and they've been dealing with a lot of pressure for the last years, to be the best, to be unstoppable, to depend on no one. And now they have this unique opportunity to depend on and feel secure in another's arms. I really like how much more global this book felt. Most dystopias gives us the feeling of a pocket universe but here we got a glimpse of what was going on in the world, how everything had change, global power, weather, laws.I really liked Anden. He was a total surprise because usually the new character is used as a plot device to makes us hate him and feel sorry for our hero. In this case, I really connected with him, his love for the Republic and fear facing alone the Senators. He's clever too, he knows how to act strategically in order to secure his new position. It didn't feel like the usual love triangle at all. Actually, June and Anden would work really well together in favor of the Republic. But... "Tess is sweet, selfless, healing"Nope, this I didn't like at all. Day had the idea of an angelical Tess but for me she was spitting out every word about June with venom. Do you think she was trying to protect him? No, she was bitter, jealous and not protecting the one she loved, just punishing him with her open wounds.That said, DAY IS DYING? That was a total surprise. And I'm not sure how I feel about it, I'm already imagining Day's attitude about it. He will try to protect her even if that means to be apart from her... damn it.I despise the Republic, don't I? I want to see them collapse, yeah? But only now do I make the distinction-I despise the Republic's laws but I love the Republic itself. I love the people. I'm not just doing this for the Elector; I'm doing this for them.

Cassandra Clare and the cash cow

"A new trilogy, set around 1903, following the next generation of Shadowhunters after TID. More information to come.

Cassandra Clare said about writing more books in the Shadowhunter World:

My plan at the moment is to do five Shadowhunter series, total. I don’t know if I’ll do any series in the Shadowhunter world beyond that. I don’t know why five exactly — maybe because one of my major literary idols has always been Tamora Pierce and she did five series set in Tortall. :)" 




"A new trilogy, set around 1903, following the next generation of Shadowhunters after TID..."



Say it again?


"A new trilogy, set around 1903, following the next generation of Shadowhunters after TID. More information to come..."







PS: "I don’t know why five exactly — maybe because one of my major literary idols has always been Tamora Pierce and she did five series set in Tortall."


Because it'd be a first time if it just happens to be her idea.

Fire Country - David Estes Actual rating: 3.75I read The Moon Dwellers just a few days ago and I can see improvement in the author's writing and character development. One of the high points of this book is how Siena evolved from a little scrawny girl whose only purpose was to carry children to a strong, decided girl brave enough to confront her own father and overcome the lost of the ones she loved. The writing style may have been difficult for some people, but Siena's voice was not an issue for me, you should read [b:Blood Red Road|9917938|Blood Red Road (Dust Lands, #1)|Moira Young||14692536] for some insane poetically minimal writing style. I believe one of David Estes' strengths are creating this amazing dystopian worlds. The fire country is a dangerous place, the life expectancy is no more than thirty-five and the village is in danger of extinction. So there's a rule, the Law and a bunch of eldest's only purpose is to make sure every man is provided of three young girls (Bearers) to have babies. Isn't that pretty? So it's with this unequal power relationship between women and men that Siena grows up and realizes of a conspiracy inside and outside of the village.There's a lot of the story that I really enjoyed. There's no insta-love, thank goodness. Circ is strong, skillful, sweet and unexplainably in love with Siena. I know, she evolves, she gets beautiful... but she's none of this things at first. I really don't know what he sees in her, she's flawed and totally insecure. I don't know how many references about how scrawny, skinny and weak are pointed out by herself along the first chapters."Skinniest, Scrawniest, Runtiest!"Give yourself a break.Another thing I really liked was the twist. But wouldn't have been even cooler if Circ would actually died? I mean, a little of pain is necessary sometimes and I don't know... after a few chapters I knew he was not dead, so at the end I was like Siena lost a lot of people, friends and family but one of the things that I couldn't understand was how well she managed all of that. I guess a little of depression and mourning would have made it more realistic. It feel too long sometimes, I found some scenes unnecessary. The Wildes were total badasses and it was a good thing they appeared, because I was losing my patience with all the "go to prison", "come back from prison", mom's cryptic message, Raja and the Keeper... but I loved Perry though! that really made me smile.Let's talk about the ending, shall we? I'm not sure I like it. I guess the way everything ended with her father was not enough for me. He let her mom died, killed her friends, killed her lover, gave her to a creepy old guy to have sex with her, for christ's sake, I would have killed him with my own hands. I wouldn't have listened to anything he had to say. But the worst part of it is... WHY would he kept Circ alive? what the hell with that? I mean, he was a good hunter, but was his father that stupid? One day she would have known he was there, it wouldn't have been that difficult. I would have loved another reason for that, like... someone rebelling against her father's orders and keeping him alive. I was a little confused with the Glassies and the Icers... what do they want? why did they want to invade? Another convenient sandstorm? There's a lot of things obviously prepared for the second book, the open ending, the remaining questions and the strange reorganization of the village is going to be for sure the main subject in the next installment. But I couldn't help to have the feeling of a pocket universe. I was a little confused with so many tribes and villages and I had to ask myself several times who were this guys? what was their deal? were they the bad guys? yeah, I was confused. This was a good story, I'm intrigued about this sister series thing, it seems pretty cool. I'd love to keep reading about David Estes in the future.Am I a bitch with the ratings or what? I'm sorry! for me those 0.25 really count.
Front and Center - Catherine Gilbert Murdock An amazing MC for an inspiring YA series. I really liked Front and Center as a warm and refreshing coming of age story. Catherine Gilbert Murdock is an exceptional writer who gave us the perfect ending for this trilogy with real characters and real problems. DJ's relationship with her parents and brothers seemed a little bittersweet to me. She had to manage with all the pressure and expectations. Realized how strong and brave she was, how talented she truly was even when it was so hard for her to gain some self confidence. One of my favorite quotes of the book was:Because if you're not okay with who you are, why should anyone else be? That kinda sums up what I loved about this whole series. She realized she could do anything and go wherever she wanted to go once she accepted herself. Oh, I'm so sorry for Beaner! That part was not my favorite thing in the book... DJ has been one of the cutest and funniest heroines I've ever read and it is really sad to say good bay.
Awoken - Serra Elinsen Can't wait for this.

The Meeting (Vampire Academy, #1.1)

The Meeting (Vampire Academy, #1.1) - Richelle Mead

I'm not trying to be objective here. It's Dimitri we're talking about and he proves again to be an awesome russian god. Even if this was kinda disappointing, Dimka was not exactly as epic as I was expecting him to be.


This was written in celebration for Dimitri's victory in the YA Crush Tournament and I'm so glad Richelle M. gave us this. Dimitri has been so in control always, but the first time he saw Rose he was impressed by her wild spirit. Thanks dear R.



Boundless (Unearthly, #3)

Boundless - Cynthia Hand

kejfnaekfnñalwekfmawkf! Seriously.




Actual rating: 3.5 Stars [Booklikes has half stars!]


"Haven't you guessed by now?" I say, my heart hammering. "My home is you"


I think Unearthly was awesome, Hallowed was a little too angsty but Boundless kind of disappointed me. This had the potential to be an exceptional series for me, but in the end the plot felt too much romance centered, and a lot of great things were just wasted trying to resolve the love triangle.


Writers must think it's always so much fun to create a love triangle and make us all suffer with this ultimate kind of pain inflictor. And maybe it's kinda easy to create one, you know? Two guys, a beautiful complicated girl who can't make up her mind, a lot of angsty moments and voilà! But one of the things I've learn is that they don't always work out. (Actually I was looking for a love triangle which ended up well and I cannot think of anyone, any ideas?) And yes, dear Cynthia Hand, I think this love triangle was a total failure.


First of all, if you're asking my fifteen year old fangirl, I'm Team Tucker. And the ending was so not cool that even I was freaking out after I finished it. I mean, three books, right? plenty of time to make a proper ending with this three love birds, and that's what we get? The other guy just walk away willingly? And she's not devastated at all? she just walk down the stairs and you know… just forgot about him?


Christian gave his freaking life for her, damn it! I'm with Tucker, and even I am upset with that ending… I don't know if that's the kind of ending I would have liked for him. I mean, it's so unfair. Was Clara just using him? I know, she was doing everything in her power to save her friend, but even then… After months of this angsty love, she realized she wanted to be with Tucker the same day Tucker became a "prophet", she "saved" Asael, killed his daughter, resucited Tucker, saved Jeffrey from the mean Lucy, brought Angela from hell, saw her mom in a vision, made peace with Samjeemze, met her grandpa Uriel, AND SAVE THE FREAKING WORLD.



The PURPOSE: What this whole series was about? Saving Angela? Saving Jeffrey? Saving Tucker? I don't know what all this was about, actually. This was too centered in the romance, imo. After her revelation in the labyrinth, she said something about a major purpose. Like the first vision was just to find Christian, then learn about how strong they were together and then… time to save the world? From what, actually? Mean Asael controlling the Seven? and what would have happened if he had them? What about Jeffrey's vision? Should we have to assume that the water he was referring to was the last scene? Where did Christian go?


What's the point of having an army of angel bloods if after an attack everybody is going to hide? Where was the major kick ass awesome final battle? What's the purpose of join every year in the mountains to "train" if we will never know about different "powers" or whatever it is they had... man, what a waste of potential.



Half additional star is because of Tucker and his awesomeness. My God, he's perfection to me.And I think overall, the whole series was good and it's so sad because it could have been awesome. But also it's so sad to say goodbye u.u

The Off Season - Catherine Gilbert Murdock I loved it. It reminded me a little of Friday Night Lights, the TV show. I'm honestly surprised with The Off Season. I don't know but I think it's even better than the first book. Much more complex, dealing with more serious topics, the introduction of DJ's brothers was one of the best things of the book in order to understand her a little more.I totally love DJ. She's one of the most adorable characters I've read. Her voice is so unmistakable, the way she explains herself little things and major life's lessons. How she's always talking about her family, friends. How much she cherish them and try to be there for them.The ending left me at a loss for words. Honestly, I did not see that coming. But really, I'd love to see Brian redeem himself and win her over. Or is there going to be another love interest, maybe? In one word this book was consistent and I can't wait to read the third and last installment in the Dairy Queen series.

The Moon Dwellers (The Dwellers, #1)

The Moon Dwellers (The Dwellers, #1) - David Estes

I'm always looking for a mind-blowing, action-packed dystopia. So I saw the opportunity to read The Moon Dwellers (The Dwellers, #1) by David Estes and I took it. There were a lot of things I loved about this book and there were some that didn't work for me, that's why I'm giving it 3.5 stars, but I have to say that I really enjoyed it and it was a pleasant surprise.


The dystopian world David Estes created was amazing, the idea of an underground civilization is both fantastic and damn scary, right? They were separated in three social stratum: Sun dwellers, Moon dwellers and Star dwellers. Kinda cool actually, being the Sun dwellers the higher of this three and the most powerful. Adele, a moon dweller and MC of the story, is a brave, logical and badass sixteen year old girl. I have to say that I enjoyed a lot her first chapters in the Pen. The way she tried to analyze everything, the kids, the foes and friends, the future. But as the story went by, it was a little hard for me to really connect with her. The same was for Tristan, he is incredible brave and wants desperately to be different and make some good, but it was a little hard to get him and his quest.


Which brings me to the key element here: the not Insta-love connection they had at first sight, because this connection was the cataclysm of everything that would happen next. Both Tristan and Adele felt this weird physical pain the first time they met, so after giving it some thought, they decided to find each other to ask what all that was about. Here it is when you could feel a little conflicted because in order to keep reading and find yourself captivated by the story you'll need to believe that in fact there is something bigger than just physical attraction between this two. If it's not, how could you justify risking your life for someone you don't know at all? And I tried to keep thinking that way till the end of the book but to be honest, I didn't feel satisfied with the scarce answers I got.


They became fugitives, and there's a lot of running and hiding and more running. Here is when we got to know some fantastic characters. My favorite was Cole [why, David?? why?? I mean... I was even preparing myself for a love triangle maybe? but then Cole died and I'm not sure why I felt so sad! u.u] and Roc, both loyal and bold. I think Cole was an exquisite character, her past was so damn sad, I mean, while he was telling his story all I could feel was sorry for him and at the same time admiration for his courage and ability to move on. I was totally shipping Cole/Adele! The "truth/Lie" scene was cool and the waterfall scene was so funny. [WHY Cole??I have this idea that maybe Cole is not dead but was captured by Tristan's brother...] I LOVED the cannibal scene! Roc's sarcasm was so funny and his relationship with Tristan was so cute, like two brothers fighting all the time^^


I'm not a fan of multiple POVs, they don't always work out like they should, but I have to say that Estes really made it work. Like at the end of a chapter, he ended it with a freaking cliffhanger but then there was the other MC to pick up where everything ended and I was in the edge of the chair waiting to know what would happen. Kudos for that.


Another thing that I didn't get was Cole and Tawni's willingness to help Adele just because. I didn't get why Adele's dad send her in this new mission, they just found each other! why all this rush? why he didn't go? Who is behind the mysterious bombards? What's really the connection between Adele's mom and Tristan? Is Tawni hiding something? Are the answers in the second book??!! I need it right now!


I'd like to read The Stars Dwellers to find out what's gonna happen. There's definitely something going on, definitely someone is pulling the strings here. I have the suspicion we're gonna here about both Adele's mom and Tristan's mom as well.

Indelible - Dawn Metcalf Brief review: For a newbie, Indelible will be amazing, different, unique and captivating. But I've read this book before if you know what I mean. It felt unnecessary complicated, boring and reminded me a little to Mortal Instruments of dear C. Clare (and that's bad news for me). The characters were okay, at first Ink was lovely, innocent. But then insta-love got in the way and everything became cheesy and boring between them. I found the plot... well, actually I didn't find it. The story was difficult to keep up with. In order to create a distinct world building, Dawn Metcalf make it a little too complex for me. There's people who really enjoyed it, so I feel a little dumb tbh. But I guess you should give it a try if you don't mind insta-love, manage to understand it and LOVE the Cassandra Clare's touch.The cover again succeeded on persuade me to request a book that in the end just disappointed me.